Birgit Braunstein
Birgit Braunstein KG
Hauptgasse 18
A-7083 Purbach
Tel.: +43-(0)2683-5913-0




It is not only tradition, it is passion, it is conviction, it is the belief in herself with which many years ago Birgit Braunstein took over the wine-growing business of her family of more than 400 years of wine-growing tradition. 4000 years in close cooperation with nature in Burgenland, a unique landscape on Lake Neusiedl. Lake Neusiedl has been a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 13 December 2001. Thus the region shares a mutual heritage with 721 sites worldwide and a common heritage with history, the present day and the future for all of humanity.

In 1996 Birgit Braunstein vinified her first wine and found with it, as she says "a moment of real happiness in her life". To be able to communicate her happiness further, she has placed an Irish four-leaf clover on her etiquettes. Two united "B"s is also a sign for Birgit Braunstein and eternity.